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Accrued expenses software page
Supports interim disbursements during amortization term

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Accruing an expense means to incur the expense now but fund it at a future date.  Click her for Prepaid Expenses

Track, manage, amortize, generate monthly general ledger postings for ....
 Dozens, hundreds, thousands of records

     -  Establish the total amount to be accrued for a future expense
               The amount you expect to pay at a future date

     -  Amortize monthly xxpense now with an offset to a Payable Reserve account

     -  Cross over EOY, BOY periods without doing anything

     -  Show your auditor exactly how you arrived at your numbers
               Detailed reports show every transaction for a month, quarter and calendar or fiscal year

     -  Trial Balance subsidiary ledger listing with subtotals for each general ledger account number
               Subtotals consist of:
                       •  Monthly amortized Expense
                        •  Accumulated recognition, Payable Reserve balance
                                     Payable Reserve balance is reduced by Interim Disbursements
                        •  Non-amortized portion of original accrual

Interim Fundings
The most difficult part of accounting for and balancing accruals.
But now it can be simplified using our Notes feature:
     Process your payment normally, outside the system, as a debit (cash out) to the Accrued Payable
     Then enter an interim funding to a record
      The system will reduce Accrued Payable at the record and reporting level.

General ledger
     -  The software creates a Journal Voucher debit and credit column source document for the above and
     -  Creates a general ledger transaction posting file
     -  Posting file descriptions can be at the
               -  General ledger account subtotal level or
               -  Individual record level
     -  Supports any chart of accounts

Adjustments during term - after amortization has begun
     -  Increase remaining accrual amount
     -  Decrease remaining accrual amount
     -  Change remaining Term



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