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               FASB 91 accounting software
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Omnibus - MBS mortgage backed securities, loan packages
LIBOR - loans tied to LIBOR, prime, other rate indexes
Merchant loans - cash advances, commissions, fees
FASB 91 - all software products listing
               General accounting software
Prepaid expenses, capitalized cost, deferred charges
Deferred income, unearned revenue recognition
Fixed assets, FF&E straight line depreciation
Excel - import, amortize worksheet records
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Bonds - effective interest method accounting
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Bonds - straight line method accounting
Calculator suite - schedules for one bond at a time
Allocation software
Copy and paste different types of data you want the software to allocate.
     What needs to be allocated?
     How should it be allocated?

Copy and paste WHAT you want to allocate
Simply copy what you want to allocate from Excel or another spreadsheet and paste to the software "WHAT" screen.
Copy one or multiple amounts, such as
     •  Costs
          Overhead, direct and indirect, production
     •  Expenses
          Recurring, monthly, one time charges
          Utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance fees, depreciation
     •  Income
          Earnings, receipts, miscellaneous items, sales
     •  Donations
     •  Asset, liability balance sheet amounts
     •  Non dollar amounts
     •  Time available. In hours, days ....
     •  Inventory, supplies count
     •  Other quantifiable resources
     •  Any numerical value to two decimal point precision
     •  Change amounts and allocate again
Copy and paste HOW you want to allocate
Copy how you want to allocate the above and paste to the software "HOW" screen.
Allocate using:
     •  Your own assigned percentages
     •  Employee count per branch
     •  Revenue stream, income
     •  Time consumed per function
     •  Square feet per area
     •  Asset, deposit, investment balances
     •  Equipment dedicated
          (e.g., workstations per department to allocate network expense)
     •  Prior usage
     •  Any values that can be expressed numerically
     •  Change values and allocate again

Distribute allocation results to recipients of any type, including
     •  Projects, events, campaigns
     •  Managers, other personnel levels
     •  Investment funds
     •  Products
     •  Services
     •  Branch, department, operating divisions
     •  Any entity or purpose

Distribute allocated results to:
     •  General ledger account numbers with:
          Branch, cost centers, department numbers
          RC and revenue centers
     •  Copy allocated results to an Excel general ledger posting file

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Prepaid expenses, capitalized costs
Deferred income, revenue recognition
Fixed assets, FF&E straight line depreciation

Price page includes ....
     •  Stand alone and network sharing software prices.
     •  Free demo.
Click to open and view Price page with link to download a free demo

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Cost Center Allocation software for non profits for
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