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Allocation software for a file with multiple records

     •  Excel worksheets - Income, expense, other amounts
     •  Output from other software products (ours in the left panel already support allocating)
     •  Files downloaded from another source
Create journal entries for updating any general ledger system

Coming soon:  Multiple level allocation
Example:  Allocate an amount to multiple Regional offices using a distribution method.
                      (Maybe Regional sales with respect to gross sales.  Or total expense.  Or ....)
                 Then allocate Regional results to branch offices using a different distribution method.
                      (Maybe employee count in each branch.  Or office rent.  Or ....)
                  For more information now, 1-800-245-8444 or email Multiple level allocation

Price page with free demo:
     Simple zip file.  Nothing to install.  Download now.  No registration required.
     Import records.  Run reports.  "Roll" into a permanent system.

an entire file containing
   •  Internally generated amounts
   •  Amortized expense
   •  Depreciation
   •  Deferred income
   •  Output from other software
   •  Recurring variable amounts
and also create Journal Entry postings

Hard to find

About the software ….

Operates on laptop, PC, workstations, network sharing devices and Cloud based systems running Windows.
Developed in Microsoft .NET Framework Visual Studio within Azure.

Operates on Macs with Parallels.
Parallels is a third party app that allows Macs to run Windows software.

Allocate some or all records to some or all
     •  Branches
     •  Departments
     •  Cost centers, RC Revenue centers
     •  Other general ledger sub-accounts

User defined, multiple allocation methods with complete audit trail:
     •  Percentage %
     •  Dollars $
     •  Employee head count
     •  Square feet
     •  Other types of numerical units

The software can be customized to meet unique needs
     •  We will provide a price
     •  We will provide a system to evaluate at no charge prior to any commitment on your part
     •  Request more information at:

A file to be allocated with unusual data in order to show the software's flexibility

Allocate all records in a matter of seconds

Generate debit and credit amounts

Create journal entry postings for any general ledger system

Allocate one or hundreds of amounts, such as
     •  Costs
          Overhead, direct and indirect, production
     •  Expenses
          Recurring, monthly, one time charges
          Utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance fees, depreciation
     •  Income
          Earnings, receipts, miscellaneous items, sales
     •  Donations
     •  Asset, liability balance sheet amounts
     •  Non dollar amounts
     •  Time available. In hours, days ....
     •  Inventory, supplies count
     •  Other quantifiable resources

Allocate the above using any of these or other user defined methods:
     •  Your own assigned percentages
     •  Employee count per location
     •  Revenue stream, income
     •  Time consumed per function
     •  Square feet per area
     •  Asset, deposit, investment balances
     •  Equipment
          (e.g., workstations per department to allocate network expense)
     •  Prior usage
     •  Any values that can be expressed numerically

Allocate to General Ledger accounts with
          Branch, cost centers, department numbers
          RC revenue centers, profit centers
          Other operational divisions


Price and Free Demo
Price page includes ....
     •  Stand alone and network sharing software prices.
     •  Free demo.
Click to open and view Price page with link to download a free demo right now

Questions? 1-800-245-8444 or

Also available: Database amortization and allocation page or Excel worksheet amortization and allocation page



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