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Accounting Amortization

Software for a file with multiple records

Short term software licenses


FASB, GAAP compliance for:
  •  Current month, future months
  •  Prior months, restatements
  •  Monthly and annual totals
  •  Calendar and fiscal years

General ledger:
  •  Subsidiary account listing
  •  Schedule with totals
  •  Journal voucher
  •  Posting totals

Excel interface:
  •  Import records
  •  Export records, reports
  •  Email records, reports
  •  Archive as pdf, too

  •  Software training
  •  Documentation
  •  Customization available

Install to your computer:
  •  PC, laptop, workstation
  •  Shared network drive
  •  Not "cloud based"

  •  Free demo
  •  Free sample reports
  •  File calculation services

Short Term Software License

What is STSL?
The following software products are available on a short term basis.
     •  MBS, LSBO, LOAN PACKAGES - FASB 91 premiums, discounts amortization
     •  LOAN FILES - FASB 91 deferred fees income and expense amortization
     •  DEALER FEES - FASB 91 software for indirect lending charges

The above products can be configured with different options
     •  Pay only for what you need
     •  Pay only for the month(s) you need it
     •  Renewable:  If desired, renew at any time.  Same terms.  Add features.
               Renew after the initial term
               Renew "down the road" if you only need to use the software, say, once a year

Why choose STSL?
Minimize the expense for
     •  Special projects
     •  One-time engagements
     •  Software required only once or twice a year
     •  Answers to "What if" questions
     •  Other circumstances when you need a temporary solution at a low cost

STSL is more than just software
     •  You also get the experience we've gained from dealing with clients and data files around the country
     •  We generally understand the problem you're facing because we've likely faced it ourselves
     •  Whereas you may be faced with something new and unknown, such as FASB 91, we do it all the time
     •  Get the answers, and often the questions you'll need to get a job done right the first time

Utilize our software to Calculate or Recalculate a file for
     •  Monthly, quarterly, annual periods
               Detail and totals
     •  Current period
     •  Prior periods
     •  Future periods - budget, other projections
     •  Compliance
     •  Due diligence
     •  Comparison results for straight line vs. effective interest method
     •  Client servicing on a continuing basis

Generate internal reports, client reports
     •  View
     •  Print
     •  Export to an Excel worksheet
     •  Export to an Adobe .pdf file

STSL can be employed to
     •  Calculate your files
     •  Calculate client files

STSL is easy to obtain
     •  Talk with us today
     •  Arrive at terms suitable to your circumstances
     •  Download the specific software configured for your requirements today

STSL can be particularly beneficial for
     •  CPA, accounting firms
     •  Auditors
     •  Asset management companies
     •  Financial advisors

Testimonials ....

I'm a partner in a small CPA firm.  We were recently engaged to audit municipal bonds issued by a local agency.  Bond discounts needed to be recalculated using the effective interest method.  Calculations with annual reports had to be provided for each of the past seven years.

The same bonds also needed to be calculated using the straight line method to compare against their results.

I can't believe how easily your software allowed us to finish the entire job in such a short period of time.

I have a professional services firm as a client.  They recently began offering their services to their clients on a prepaid basis covering various monthly periods.  My client was originally unaware of the need to amortize income over each term and lacked the accounting tools for doing so.

We set up a very simple system for them wherein they enter minimal information regarding each new plan to existing plans in an Excel worksheet which they send to us each month.  We import their worksheet directly into your deferred income amortization software and return an Excel file containing monthly posting amounts for their general ledger.  Works like a charm!

I had to calculate a not-for-profit client's MBS portfolio using FASB 91 effective interest method going back to 2008.  Also needed to take into account periodic reductions to Par, namely recognizing that portion of premium and discount balance applicable to monthly reduction amounts.  I have no idea how it could have been done so quickly without using your software.

I needed to amortize a client municipal bond file for prior periods.  Your software amortized all of the bonds for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in just a few seconds.  Very impressive.
                              West Coast

STSL is available for
     •  Stand alone, single user workstations
     •  Network based, multiple user installations

STSL is secure
     •  The software resides on your computer or network at your site
     •  All files, whether yours or a client, reside at your site
     •  It's just like buying software but without the cost

Please contact us for more information
regarding STSL - Short Term Software License

or email Support@FDSSI.com


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