ASC-310-20 prospective, retrospective accounting for mortgage backed securities

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GAAP, FASB compliant software
for Windows® 10 on a computer,
laptop and network sharing systems


MBS, GNMA, LSBO, CMOs, other pooled and packaged loan investments
GAAP, FASB premium and discount   Purchased loans individual record level   Originated loans
amortization software

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Accounting and FASB amortization reporting for dozens, hundreds of
loan packages at the same time

     •  Effective interest rate calculation
               Prospective rate and Retrospective rates when actual balance differs from anticipated.
               Retrospective recalculation of income, expense and NPV (Net Present Value) using the newly calculated effective interest rates based on then-known balances.
     •  Premium amortization
     •  Discount accretion
     •  General ledger reports and monthly postings
     •  Auditing tools
     •  Excel file to maintain your records and easily update principal balances monthly, quarterly or annually

Premium, discount amortization software for bonds    

An ideal solution for
     •  MBS portfolio
     •  GNMAs, Fannie Maes, ABMs, CMOs, other pools and packaged loans
     •  LSBO
               Whole loan packages
     •  Syndicated loans
     •  Non-conforming individual loans
     •  Other premium and discount investments with structured or fluctuating payback

Calculation periods
     •  Current month.  Fiscal year totals.
     •  Prior month.  Fiscal year(s) restatement.

Existing Deferral Balances
     •  The software can amortize premiums and discounts from original dates.
     •  Or, if you have been amortizing premiums and discounts using another procedure,
         the software can preserve your current deferral balances and amortize them forward.

Cash repayments plus anticipated future repayments as
     •  P&I amortizing
               P&I assigned by you or
               P&I calculated by the system to establish a forecasted cash flow
                    Typically for MBS and other unknown repayment schedules
               P&I, at your option, can also be recalculated by the software with each cash flow adjustment

     •  Interest only:
               As interest only and with
               Principal payments of a constant amount (e.g., $25,000 every three months)

     •  Balloon, average life periods:
               Interest only with a balloon
               P&I over balloon period
               P&I over longer term such as 5 year balloon with 30 year P&I
               P&I over average portfolio life

     •  CPR - Conditional Prepayment Rate
                % reduction such as 8.3% of declining Par or Principal where the % reduction is tied to average life of investment
                CPR is typically excluded from Retrospective calculations because "repayment" is not cash activity

FASB 91 for purchased loans at the individual loan level
     •  Import a seller servicer remittance report
     •  Amortize one or more fees per loan
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Just looking for a simple way to handle reductions to Par
for premium and discount investments?

Our Bond Accounting software offers:
     Effective interest rate calculations
     Premium amortization
     Discount accretion
     Additional recognition of premium or discount when Par is reduced on a monthly or irregular basis
     Monthly accounting reports and general ledger tracking

To learn more, please view this page:  Bond Accounting - Effective Interest Method

Need to amortize fees at the individual loan level?

     View software to import and amortize loan servicer remittance reports


FASB discount and premium effective interest method amortization
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