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GAAP compliant

Bond accounting software for Bond Issuers
Effective interest method, level yield, constant rate        Bond Purchasers, Effective Interest Method page 

Generate GAAP discount accretion, premium amortization for any month, entire year

Partial calls/redemptions/refinances and/or coupon rate changes:

The software calculates:
     Interest at the coupon rate.
     Interest at the effective interest rate.
     Interest at a constant rate.
          Constant rate is a single rate that will produce the same total amount of interest as the coupon rate.
     Premium, discount recognition is the difference between constant rate interest and effective rate interest.

Hard to find
Software to run on a
Network sharing or
Cloud based system
supporting Windows

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     Price page
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Easy to use
     •  Maintain bonds in Excel
     •  Automatically import an Excel file to the software at any time
     •  Use "Group" rows in the Excel file to generate "Group" totals for any purpose in the software (Group totals are not required).
     •  Supports any Begin Date to Maturity Date

Calculate dozens, hundreds, thousands of bonds at the same time
     •  Premiums
     •  Discounts
     •  Issuance or other costs

Individual bond + file totals for
     •  Any month
     •  Entire calendar or fiscal year
     •  Other periods from any month ranging up to 60 months
     •  Generate results in a matter of seconds

Premiums and Discounts
          •  Effective interest rate calculation
          •  Premium amortization
          •  Discount accretion
          •  Accumulated and Book Values
          •  Monthly and Yearly (calendar or fiscal) Totals
          •  Municipal, corporate, government, other bonds, agencies, premium and discount investments
          •  Callable and non-callable
          •  Convertible
          •  Partial and early calls, redemptions, refinances
          •  Rate changes
          •  Fixed rate
          •  Variable rate
          •  Zero rate
          •  Month-by-month lifetime bond recognition schedules

Issuance Costs
          •  Issuance, Origination Cost amortization
          •  Monthly and Yearly (calendar or fiscal) Totals


     Discount accretion income and premium amortization expense, with totals.
     Lifetime month-by-month audit detail amortization, accretion schedule for each record.
     Independent amortization of issuance costs for applicable bonds.
     Annual reconciliation report showing beginning balances, yearly activity, net recap, ending balances. 

     Subsidiary ledger listing with recognition, balances and totals for each account number
     Journal vouchers with debit, credit columns
     General ledger posting files

     Run.  Rerun.  Any time.  Any month.
     A range of months.  Calendar and fiscal years.
     Send to printer
     Archive in Adobe
     Export to, distribute in Excel 

     Calculate client data, export reports for
               Current month and year
               Prior and future months and years
     Amortization and accretion reports can span 1 to 60 months beginning with any month, year.

Software and bond information reside on your computer, laptop or network sharing system
     Export, archive results using easy to create Excel and Adobe pdf files.
     Income and expense, remaining balance, book value and totals for all records in a matter of seconds.
         From original begin dates or
         Current balances forward, as a conversion (no journal adjustments)

Already amortizing premiums and discounts?
     The software can preserve current income and expense deferral balances.
     No adjusting journal entries.
The software can also amortize premiums and discounts from original begin dates 

  Price page and free demo  ....

Price page and free demo
Click to open and view Price page
Download a free demo from the Price page which includes:
     •  A live version of the software
     •  Sample records
     •  Software for Windows® on a computer, laptop, network sharing and cloud based systems running Windows.

Bond file calculation services
We can calculate a bond file on a one-time basis.
Premium and discount amortization for a month.  For an entire calendar/fiscal year.
Reports and supportive data are provided in Excel.
For more information, Email  Bond file calculation services



FASB, GAAP compliance for:
  •  Current month, future months
  •  Prior months, restatements
  •  Monthly and annual totals
  •  Calendar and fiscal years

Premiums and discounts:
  •  Effective interest method
  •  Premium income
  •  Discount expense
  •  Issuance cost expense
  •  Balances
  •  Par
  •  Book value
  •  Interest expense
  •  Totals for all
  •  NET recap

  •  Rate change
  •  Reduction to par
  •  Partial call
  •  Early call, redemption
  •  Refinance, reissue

General ledger:
  •  Subsidiary account listing
  •  Schedule with totals
  •  Journal voucher
  •  Posting totals

Excel interface:
  •  Import bonds
  •  Export bonds, reports
  •  Email bonds, reports
  •  Archive as pdf, too

Install to your:
  •  Computer, laptop or
  •  Shared network drive

  •  Free demo
  •  Free sample reports

Accounting software for dozens, hundreds, thousands of issued bonds ....
     •  Current month and year premium, discount amortization
     •  Prior months
     •  Prior fiscal years restatement
     •  Your bonds
     •  Client bonds - recalculation and restatement purposes

GAAP effective interest, level yield method
     •  Effective interest rate calculation
     •  Premium amortization
     •  Discount accretion
     •  Issuance cost amortization
     •  General ledger, journal voucher, upload posting files
     •  Subsidiary account balance reporting

Monthly and yearly reporting:
Any prior or current month.  Any prior or current year.
     •  Municipal bonds
     •  Corporate bonds
     •  Institutional bonds
     •  Governments, agencies, notes and more
     •  Virtually any premium, discount instrument
     •  Fixed rate
     •  Variable rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  360, 365, 366 days basis
     •  Callable, non-callable
               Early calls, redemptions
               Partial calls, refinance
               Periodic, repeating redemptions
     •  Convertible - the software also calculates a constant rate


     •  Individual bond schedules:
               Automatically generate a lifetime premium or discount recognition schedule for any bond at any time.
               Generate issuance cost schedules, too.
               View, print, save in Adobe, save in Excel

     •  Partial calls, redemptions:
               Scheduled partial calls, redemptions utilize a constant rate for an even recognition of premium, discount.
               Unscheduled reduction to par generates a proportionate recognition of premium, discount,
               issue cost balance on the reduction date.

     •  Coupon rate changes:
               The software calculates a new effective interest rate

     •  Months to calculate:
               Ability to
               Recognize premiums and discounts for a single month and
               Recognize premiums and discounts for a span of 2 months through 12 months.
               Begin a period with any current, prior or future month/year

     •  Premiums:
               A display option can show premium recognition as negative in order to readily distinguish between premiums and discount

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Options for existing premium and discount balances

Option 1
        Preserve your existing cost basis book values.
        No restatement or adjusting journal entries necessary.
        The software can begin amortizing current premium and discount balances.

"I'm a partner in a small CPA firm.  We were recently engaged to audit municipal bonds issued by a local agency.  Bond discounts needed to be recalculated using the effective interest method.  Calculations with annual reports had to be provided for each of the past seven years.  I can't believe how easily your software allowed us to finish the entire job in such a short period of time."
                                          New Mexico

Option 2
         Calculate prior and current cost basis book values.
         The software can amortize premiums and discounts from original dates
         using original information.

Amortize all bonds at the same time.
Get monthly, yearly totals in a few seconds.

Option 3
          Begin amortizing from an "as of" date.
         Typically the beginning of a calendar or fiscal year using balances at year end. 

"We installed your software and just used it for the first time.
I can't believe how much work it will save us each month.
What used to take hours is now done in a matter of minutes.
Your product performs exactly as advertised!"

Price page and free demo
Click to open and view Price page
     Download a free demo version of the live software right now.

Bond file calculation services
We can calculate a bond file on a one-time basis.
Premium and discount amortization for a month.  For an entire calendar/fiscal year.
Reports and supportive data are provided in Excel.
For more information, Email  Bond file calculation services




Bond issuers
Effective interest method (yield to maturity, constant rate, level yield)
bond accounting amortization software

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Bond purchaser pages: 
Effective interest method     Straight line method

Software to calculate monthly and yearly
     •  Premium amortization
     •  Discount accretion
     •  Issuance cost amortization
     •  Book value determination for
     •  Municipal bonds
     •  Corporate bonds
     •  Governments
     •  Notes
     •  Bills
     •  Agencies
     •  Virtually any premium, discount instrument
     •  Multiple files within a portfolio
     •  Multiple portfolios
     •  Calendar and fiscal year reporting

When applicable, the software will also account for and produce detail audit schedules reflecting:
     •  Early redemptions and
     •  Partial redemptions and
     •  Rate changes at any time

Amortize and account for all bonds the same time
     •  Effective interest rate calculations for
     •  Fixed rate bonds
     •  Variable rate, step bonds, adjustable, floating rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  Convertible
            The software calculates a blended, constant rate from which to derive monthly recognition
     •  Callable - with a call price
     •  Callable - without a price

Use the software to
     •  Amortize your bonds

     •  Amortize client bonds

        Many of our clients are CPA, accounting
        firms and financial advisors

Special features
     •  Issue costs
            Amortize issuance costs only
            Amortize premiums and discounts only
            Amortize premiums, discounts and issue costs for a month, for a year

     •  Callable bond continuation if the bond is not called
            Premium, discount, issue cost recognition is finalized as of the call date
            Coupon interest continues to the bond's maturity date

     •  Variable rates and
            Rate changes due to any reason
            Recalculation of the effective interest rate
            Coupon interest calculation at the new rate as of the change date

     •  Reductions to Par
            Early call, redemption
            Partial call, redemption
            Periodic reductions
            Other reductions to par for any reason

     •  Group totals
            Group bonds and obtain recognition totals by as many different categories as desired

     •  Export
            Copy bonds, calculations and totals for desired period and paste to a spreadsheet
            Automatically create an Adobe pdf file for permanent storage


Effective interest method amortization for
     •  Fixed rate bonds
     •  Zero rate
     •  Variable rate, steps, adjustable, floating rate

Amortize issue costs for
     •  Regular bonds
     •  Callable and non-callable bonds
     •  Callable, with or without a call price
     •  Convertible bonds

Many of our clients are
     •  CPA, accounting firms
     •  Auditors
     •  Asset management companies
     •  Financial advisors

     •  Level yield
     •  Effective interest method under GAAP, FASB
     •  Constant yield
     •  360/365/366 days in a year basis
Municipal, corporate, original issue, secondary market, government, notes, bills, agencies
Virtually any type of premium, discount financial instruments
     •  Fixed rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  Variable rate, steps
     •  Adjustable
     •  Floating
     •  Rate changes due to any reason
            Recalculation of the effective interest rate for remaining term
     •  Convertible
            Including the calculation of a constant rate to determine the effective interest rate
     •  Early call, redemption
            Full recognition of premium or discount balance
     •  Partial call, redemption
            Accelerated, proportionate recognition of premium or discount on the day of reduction to par

Calculate for current and prior reporting periods
     •  Amortize your bond issue costs
     •  Amortize client bonds (many of our clients are accounting firms and financial advisors)
View, print, export results to Excel and other spreadsheets
     •  Issuance cost recognition and balances
     •  Totals for all bonds
Rate change
        Recalculate effective rate over remaining term due to a rate change
        Calculate coupon interest over remaining term at the new rate
Par reduction
        Accelerated premium, discount recognition for reduction amount to par due to
               Partial sale
               Partial recall
               Partial redemption
               Other reduction to par
        Also includes early sale, redemption, call date to recognize deferral balance in full   
Generate group and portfolio totals
Annual recap for audit and examinations
Automatically generate lifetime bond amortization schedules

•  Early call, redemption date
     -  Automatic recognition of issue cost deferral balance in full

•  A complete accounting package
     -  Issuance cost amortization
     -  Discount accretion
     -  Premium amortization
     -  Interest accruals at the coupon rate
     -  Journal Voucher posting source document
     -  General ledger posting files

•  Special features
     - Lifetime issue cost amortization schedule
          -  Complete detail support for reporting totals
          -  Great at auditing time!
     -  Group, track, account for bonds by Issue

Accrual Basis Accounting
Our software accounts for bonds using the Accrual Method of accounting.
Coupon interest is calculated monthly, when interest expense is incurred, regardless of when it is distributed.
As such, our effective rate might differ from a cash basis YTM at the 5th to 6th decimal place.

Click to open and view Price page
     Free demo  Price page contains a link to
     download a zip file containing the software and sample bonds.

Bond file calculation services
We can calculate a bond file on a one-time basis.
Premium and discount amortization for a month.  For an entire calendar/fiscal year.
Reports and supportive data are provided in Excel.
For more information, Email  Bond file calculation services

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  Bond issuance cost amortization
 Software for Windows® on a computer, laptop, shared network and cloud based systems
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