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Accounting Amortization

Software for a file with multiple records

Amortizing premiums and discounts for

investment rates tied to LIBOR and other indexes
FASB 91 software for loans, notes, bonds tied to variable indexes
FASB 91 mortgage, consumer, dealer fee loans page
Bonds, FASB 91 effective interest method page

  FASB 91 software to amortize
premiums, discounts, deferred fees for loan, notes
and bonds with variable rates tied to an index
         •  LIBOR, Prime, other indexes.
              Tie some records to LIBOR and/or
              Tie other records to another index or no index at all
         •  Have as many different indexes as required
         •  Index value assignments at the record level:
              1)  Rate can be the Index value
                      Example:  Record's rate is 4.375%  Index value is 6.50%.  New rate becomes 6.50%
              2)  Rate can be a base, floor, or margin rate + index value
                      Example:  Record's base rate is 5.00%.   Index value is 2.3587%.  New rate become 7.3587%

Also calculate
     •  Fixed rate
     •  Variable rate, non indexed
              Change rate at any time for any scheduled or non-scheduled reason
     •  Interest income accruals

•  Hundreds, thousands of
     -  Deferred fees
     -  Premiums, discounts
     -  Current month or period
     -  Yearly, audit totals
     -  Prior months and periods - recalculate an entire file
     -  P&L totals for any prior month, prior year
     -  Balance sheet totals

•  Income and expense totals
     -  Up to 5 unique fees per record.
     -  File totals
     -  User defined group totals
     -  General ledger posting totals

•  Lifetime month-by-month fee amortization schedules

                      Excel friendly
  •  Import records from Excel worksheets
  •  Calculate records for any month, any year
  •  Export records, balances and totals to Excel

     360 days
     365 days
     Actual days 365 / 360


Complete monthly accounting and reporting
Interest only loans, notes, bonds
     From a date to a date
     Fixed rate
     Variable, indexed rates to to an index
Amortization terms:
     Actual life of each record in days
          Begin date to maturity date
     Average portfolio life in days
     Other derived, modified terms  
Calculate and aggregate monthly fee recognition to
 Interest accruals
     Calculate interest receivable using an "accrue from" record date
     Post interest accruals:
          Monthly amount (for posting to a receivable, then crediting the receivable with payments) or
          Enter accrual amount (for those who accrue and reverse)
The software will calculate:
     Hundreds of records
     Hundreds of thousands of records at the same time.
Generate fee income and expense totals:
     For any month, year
     For any calendar or fiscal entire year
     For audit and examination periods
Early payoffs:
     The software recognizes the remaining deferral amount.
Curtailment, paydown, other partial reductions to principal or par:
     The software calculates a new effective interest rate.
     The software accelerates fee recognition proportionate to the reduction.
Variable rate, adjustable rate:
     The software calculates a new effective interest rate
Generate fee income and expense totals
Subsidiary ledger account balance sheet report
General ledger upload posting file
Schedules:  Automatic lifetime fee amortization schedule for any record
Audits:  Annual and other fiscal period reporting for audit and examinations
Customizing available for unique situations, new lending programs

Please contact us for ....

     •  Price

     •  More information or questions regarding the software

     •  Customizing the software
     •  PC, workstation and network sharing systems

     •  Free trial system - calculate your deferrals using a live version of the software

Call 1-800-245-8444
email Support@fdssi.com

FASB 91 accounting for variable rates tied to an index
Maintain records tied to index rates in an Excel worksheet
             •  Enter original information
             •  Log any paydown curtailments, early payoffs

Automatically import all records to the software *
The software also imports your rate indexes
             •  Maintain indexes in a separate Excel file
             •  Each worksheet name is an index name
                     •  LIBOR, Prime, MyIndex and others
                     •  For each index, enter a row with date and rate
             •  Have as many different indexes as needed
             •  Tie different records to different indexes 
•  An effective interest rate is calculated for each record
•  Amortize deferred fee income and expense every month
     •  Premiums, discounts, other deferrals
     •  Accelerated recognition for curtailments and payoffs
     •  Effective interest rate recalculation for index rate changes
             •  Current balance at new rate over remaining term 
•  Monthly income and expense totals for any month
•  Annual income and expense totals for any year
•  Lifetime fee amortization schedules for any record
•  View reports.  Send to printer.  Copy (export) to Excel.

* 392 records:  8 seconds to import, calculate and display

  Currently using another method?  Another system?  No system?
     The software can recalculate deferral balances for current and prior periods.
     Or, the software can preserve your current deferral balances.
               No general ledger adjustments necessary.






Don't see what you need?
     We have other software not featured on our website.
     We can also tailor and customize the software.
email Support@fdssi.com

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