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  LOAN FILES - FASB 91 deferred fees income and expense amortization
  MBS, LSBO, LOAN PACKAGES - FASB 91 premiums, discounts amortization
  BOND ISSUER ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE - premiums, discounts, issuance costs
  BOND PURCHASER ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE - effective interest method
  PREPAID EXPENSES - monthly amortization and reporting
  DEFERRED INCOME - monthly amortization and reporting
  FIXED ASSETS, FF&E - monthly depreciation and reporting
  NON-MONTHLY - daily, days, weeks, other periods amortization and reporting
  DEALER FEES - FASB 91 software for indirect lending charges

FASB 91 software products listing page

Preserve current book values, deferral balances.
        No adjusting journal entries.
Calculate current book values, deferral balances for/from prior periods.

FASB 91 Custom
Unique situation?  Unusual records?  Fees?
We can write custom code and embed your private module within
the existing nuts and bolts portion of the software.
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FASB 91 software for
Deferred fees income, expense amortization and accounting.

Import, calculate an entire loan file.  Residential, commercial, consumer, auto, secured, unsecured and other loan types for loan originators and purchasers to recognize direct and indirect lending fees consisting of origination or borrowing points, income, cost, charges, expense. 

FASB 91 amortization and reporting for loan fee income, cost, expense.  Up to 4 unique fees per loan.  Amortizing loans, interest only, balloon, fixed rate, variable rate, full term, average life term.  Interest rate changes.  Paydowns and curtailments.

Effective rate calculation, amortization, accounting and reporting for dozens, hundreds, thousands of deferred loan fee records.  Budget projections.  Detail lifetime FASB 91 schedule for each loan.  Supports early payoffs, paydown curtailments and rate changes.

P&I loans, interest only, balloons and other deferred fee loans 
Dealer fees, loans with indirect lending charges
Loan file calculation services - get a complete set of reports today
Mortgage Backed Securities
FASB 91 software for
MBS, LSBO, syndicated, purchased, packaged loans and pools.

Fee, premium, discount amortization accounting and reporting for syndicated, secondary market, grouped originations, bundled loans, hybrids, asset backed securities, LSBO, other types of underlying collateral.

FASB 91 premium, discount, other fees accounting amortization and reporting software for irregular reductions to par or principal on loans, packages, bond paydowns, other purchased, originated instruments.

Loans, packages, paydowns, unusual payment amounts, staggered payment streams.  Premium amortization, discount accretion, deferred fee recognition for purchasers, sellers, originators over a begin date to maturity date.

Effective interest rate calculation, accounting and reporting for actual, aggregated, weighted average rates, terms.  Accelerated recognition for paydowns.
Omnibus - mortgage backed securities fees, premiums, discounts
MBS file calculation services - get a complete set of reports today
Bonds, other premium and discount instruments

FASB 91 effective interest method and straight line accounting software for bonds, agencies, notes and other premium, discount records.  Municipal, corporate, government, notes, bills, agencies and other premium, discount financial instruments. 

Bond Purchasers and  Bond Issuers.

Effective interest method, level yield under FASB 91 covering constant yield, constant interest method, cost basis, effective interest rate, level yield for fixed rate bonds, zero rate, variable rate, convertible rate, constant rate, steps with or without a call date, call price and reductions to par, such as a partial sale or partial call.

Premium amortization, discount accretion, accounting, reporting, lifetime schedules and more for virtually any instrument with a begin date and maturity date.  360/365/366 day years.  Early call, sale, redemption recognition.  Interest accruals.

Bond purchasers - effective interest method amortization software
Bond issuers - premiums, discounts, issuance costs amortization
Bond purchasers - straight line method amortization software
Calculator - effective interest method for 1 bond at a time


Effective interest method amortization software for ....  
    •  Loans - deferred fee income and expense
    •  MBS, packages, syndicated, purchased, LSBO loans
    •  Bonds - premiums and discounts
    •  Effective interest rate calculations
    •  Amortization and reporting
    •  Current month, period and year

•  Prior months, periods and years
•  Variable rates and indexed rates
•  Reductions to par, principal
•  Issue costs
•  Acquisition charges
•  Constant yield

• Cost basis, book value
•  Purchased
•  Issued
•  Sold, partial sales
•  Originated
•  Secondary market

•  Business
•  Government
•  Financial institutions
•  CPA, accounting firms
•  Financial advisors
•  Calendar, fiscal, tax periods

Many of our clients are
     •  CPA, accounting firms
     •  Auditors
     •  Asset management companies
     •  Financial advisors
View this page to see how they utilize the software to
calculate, audit or provide accounting services for client files

FASB 91 services available for
      Bond, Loan and other files
Special project?
        -  Just need some answers?
        -  Custom software requirements?
        •  View our FASB 91 services page

FASB 91 Calculators - Screen input software

Loan calculator - fee income and expense amortization software
Residential, commercial, consumer, auto, amortizing, interest only, balloon, fixed rate, variable rate, secured, unsecured and other loan types for originators and borrowers to recognize direct and indirect lending fees consisting of origination or borrowing points, income, cost, charges, expense.  Effective rate calculation and lifetime FASB 91 amortization schedule for loan fees, income, cost, origination expense, incurred, indirect fees, charges
  •  FASB 91 effective interest method calculators page, Loans
Bond, other premium and discount instruments - FASB 91 Effective interest method  and  Straight line method
Municipal, corporate, government, notes, bills, agencies and other financial instruments.  Virtually any instrument with a begin date and maturity date for purchasers and issuers of bonds and bond type instruments with premiums, discounts.  Amortize issue cost and acquisition fees, too.  Calculation and lifetime amortization, accretion schedule for bonds, other financial instruments with a premium or discount and a stated coupon interest rate, convertible rate or zero rate.
  •  FASB 91 effective interest method calculator page, Bonds 
 Calculator Suite
FASB 91 effective interest method and Straight line method calculators.  All of our 'Enter a record' calculators plus other methods and functions, including
          -  Loan fee effective interest method amortization
          -  Bond premium and discount effective interest method amortization
          -  Bond issue costs and acquisition charges amortization
          -  Other methods for any amount including straight line financial months, date to date and accelerated sum of the years digits
  •  Calculator Suite page

Need a FASB 91 software solution for something you don't see?
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FASB 91 software and services applicable for
• Purchasers, issuers, originators, third parties
• Bonds, investments, derivatives, other securities
• Premiums and discounts
• Loan fee income, expense, origination costs
• Commercial, notes, interest only, balloon
• Amortizing, irregular paydowns, average life
• Individual record level
• Bulked groups, such as monthly originated
• LSBO, MBS, purchases, participations, syndicated loans
• Dealer fees
• Indirect lending charges

  FASB 91 Dealer Fees software
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