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GAAP compliant software
for Windows® 10 on a computer,
laptop and network sharing systems
powered by Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET Framework


Prepaid expenses, deferred charges amortization software

3 price configurations ....

      Manage records.  Calculate monthly amortization.  General ledger subsidiary listing and totals.  Journal voucher posting source document.

     Allocate expense to multiple cost centers.  General ledger posting file.  History audit recap.
     Excel conversion:  Import records and current balances to the software.  No journal adjustments. 

     Internal reports.  Special processing functions.  Conversion modifications.  Other unique needs.

Scroll down for
     Price page
     Free demo which is the live software limited to 100 records you can download right now and upgrade to a permanent system

Hard to find

Free sample reports with your data ....

Send us a few sample records.
We'll return a full set of monthly reports in Excel.
Send to

Monthly amortization and all accounting reports for  .... 
Prepaid expenses
Deferred charges
Capitalized costs
Insurance premiums
Maintenance agreements
Office supplies
Dues, memberships
Recurring items, fixed/variable
Intangible assets
License fees, retainers
Marketing, promotions
Software, programs
Hardware fees
Prepaid rent, occupancy
Upgrade charges
Donations, gifts
Security charges
Any expense over time
Incorporation costs

•  No monthly close out
•  No end of year chores
•  Post "as of" any month with "undo" for errors or omissions
•  Span calendar and fiscal years
•  Amortize expense over 1 - 999 months or actual days
•  Other amortization methods, date-to-date terms
•  Defer amortizing to future month
•  Capture prior month(s) amortization
•  Audit year 12 month, multi-column recap
•  Instant amortization schedules
•  Balance sheet reconciliation
•  General ledger transaction posting file
•  Records retention
•  Adjustment screen for changes during term
•  Allocation to multiple cost centers
•  Month by month expense projections
•  Tickler review/renew date calculation
•  Paper reports or go electronic
•  PC, laptop, workstations and network sharing systems
•  1-800 and email support
•  Report filters
•  Graphing functions
•  My Subtotals report
•  Type classification
•  Vendor reporting
•  Date range reporting
•  Export records and reports to Adobe and Excel
•  User defined allocation methods
•  Enter records and/or import records
•  Documentation, Help, Tips

Run.  Rerun.  Any time.  Any month. 
     Send to printer
     Send to Adobe
     Send to Excel


"Thank you so much for your help.
It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who understands!"

               Oakland, CA

  "Thanks for your help today.  We imported all of our records and current balances without a problem.
  Your software is as advertised and will be most useful."
               Houston, TX

Meets requirements for

               Record keeping, amortization schedules, subsidiary ledger, journal voucher, annual recap and more.
               Many of our clients are CPA firms importing client records from Excel to prepare monthly financial accounting reports.
     SOX - Sarbanes Oxley
               History archiving electronically preserves all reports for recall at any future date.

Available as

               Monthly amortization and reports which satisfy the need of most clients.
               For clients requiring one or more specific functions such as allocating amortized expense to multiple branches.
               Solutions for a unique need in your operation.
               For more information on a Client Module email or call 1-800-245-8444

General Ledger Posting Files for ANY general ledger system using ANY chart of accounts
     Excel (cells formatted to your data specs)
     In house, core system
     Service bureau
     JDE  (preserve leading and trailing zeroes in account numbers)
     Other general ledger systems


 Monthly processing with a few mouse clicks.

Free demo ....  

Try the software right now.
     No registration required.
     Download a free demo from the Price page right now (scroll down to Price page).
          Run reports with our sample records.
          Add some of your own records.
     The demo is the actual software limited to 100 records and configured with common features designed to show how the software operates.

If you like the demo ....  

Evaluate the software with no restrictions.
          Request the features you want.
               We can "roll" the demo along with any records you may have added into a live system.
               No cost or obligation on your part.
               Includes email, 1-800 support.
          Use the software for a couple of months.
               On a PC
               On a network sharing device with multiple users
          Add or import all of your records.
          Run all of your reports.
          Request a journal format to update your general ledger:
               In house, core system
               Service bureau
               Multiple columns.  Dots.  Dashes.  Split values.  Trailing zeroes.  Disk file.  Worksheet.  D/C.  Signed.  (Credits).  Fixed length.  Tab delimited ....     
               We provide or create ANY format for ANY general ledger system at no additional charge.


Basic System consists of these features

Amortization and monthly reporting.

Add records in any order.
     Sort list by any column value

Book values.
     Preserve current book values or
     Software can calculate records current from original begin dates

New record:
     Capture prior months expense if set up late.
     Defer amortizing to a future "in service" future month.
     Data validation:
          A date must be a valid date
          A dollar amount must be a valid number

Instant amortization schedule
     Helps prevent set-up errors by seeing "what" will occur each month over desired term.

Adjustment screen with single step entry to:
     Increase cost, such as additional charges during term
     Decrease cost, such as partial refund during term
     Change remaining term
     Write-off this month

Edit other values at any time.

Delete old records:
     Sort by book value
     Delete 0.00 book values in a single step

Supports any chart of accounts:
     General ledger base accounts, branch, department and cost centers ....

Calculation methods supported at the record level:
     Straight line 30 day financial months
     Half month convention
     Date to date actual calendar days, including half month convention
     Accelerated sum of the years digits (rule of 78's for any term)

"2 click" monthly reporting.
     Generate a report stream with two clicks of the mouse
     No monthly close out required.

General ledger subsidiary ledger trial balance:
     Records sorted and grouped by general ledger accounts.

Debit and credit Journal Voucher postings
     General ledger subtotal level or individual posting for each record

General ledger base accounts, branch, department, cost and revenue centers ....

Calculations for future time periods

New records report
     Additions for any time period, such as year to date, grouped by general ledger account

Review date
     Automatic Review/Maturity date calculation with tickler report

MySubtotals report
    Group and subtotal records by any field value

     Create selective reports using field and date filters

Add one or more of these available features ....

Import records from Excel and other spreadsheets
Automatically add records from another source to the software.
     Import dozens, hundreds or thousands of records.
     The software verifies data values are of a correct format and lists any data errors (an invalid date, for example).
     The software automatically calculates a maturity/review/tickler file reporting date.
     Current accumulated and book value for existing records can be preserved or calculated by the system.

Our clients use the import feature in a variety of ways.
     Some maintain all records in a spreadsheet and always import their entire file for accounting reports.
     Many converted all their spreadsheet records and now use the Editing screen to enter new and edit records.
     Some converted and now add (append) new records to the software, such as on a monthly basis.
          New records come to them in a file(s):
               Created at branch sites.
               From their Accounts Payable (A/P) department.

We can also import and convert an Excel file at no charge.

Upload posting file with journal entries to update the general ledger
Creation of a General ledger upload posting file.

File output
     Disk file plus
     Output display with ability to copy posting file columns and paste to Excel

Posting transactions can consist of
     Individual records or
     Subtotals at the general ledger account number summary level

The system comes with a standard 4 column upload format in both a disk file and for exporting to Excel.
     If a format is not already supported, we will create a format to update ANY general ledger system.  At no charge.

Additional Reporting
Type, Vendor and Link fields for user defined values'

     Create and retain user defined sort and subtotal values

Description files:
     General ledger account names, Type codes, Vendor code names

     Automatically format and populate Excel with reports
    Automatically format and populate Adobe .pdf file

     Maintain and report Notes pertaining to individual records

     Graph field values
     View graph. Print. Copy data, paste to Excel and insert graph.

History Archive - Retrieve any report from any prior month
Monthly amortization and field change activity for each record.

General ledger account posting
     History Audit Reports: Changes and Postings
     Trial Balance and other reports created from a History month file

Audit Recon
     Reconciliation Report with Beginning Balances, Activity and Ending Balances form any Begin Month through any Ending Month

Notes History
     View and report notes for records as they existed as of the History/archived month

Edit records using Excel
Records are normally edited using the software's setup/edit screen, either one record at a time or in sequential order.
The editing screen:
          Performs data value testing
          Displays an immediate amortization schedule.

But there may be times when you'd prefer to use Excel.

This 3 step procedure allows you to:
     1) Copy the master file to a spreadsheet, such as Excel.

     2) Edit records using all of the spreadsheet functions.
               Edit records
               Add new records
               Delete records
               Fill down
               Other Excel capabilities

     3) Copy entire spreadsheet and paste back to/as the revised master file.
               The software verifies all data values and relationships, such as dates, are valid and compatible.

Allocate amortized expense
Distribute one or more general ledger posting amounts to multiple branch, cost, revenue and other centers using one or more Allocation Methods maintained in the software.

You assign each Method a name that is meaningful to you, perhaps "SQ" to mean the Allocation Method is based on the amount of square feet occupied by a department.
Or "EMP" to allocate using the number of employees in each branch.

Each Method contains your chart of account branch numbers (or cost/revenue center numbers or ....) along with the number of units each contains, such as square feet, employee count and even your own assigned percentage. Any type of numerical values. To allocate a record, merely replace the branch portion of a general ledger account number with the Method name. The system will calculate the percentage being allocated to each branch based on number of units and create multiple posting records, each for smaller amounts that add up to the original.

User defined Alternative Recognition Methods
     •  Monthly (system default)
     •  Bi-monthly
     •  Quarterly
     •  Tri-annual
     •  Semi-annual
     •  Annual

Odd periods
     •  Irregular frequencies (e.g. take 20% in months 1 and 2, then nothing for 6 months, then 40% and 20%)
     •  Pre-determined amounts (e.g. take $10,000 in month 1, then $5,000 and then $2,000 each month for remainder of term)
     •  Units other than % or $ with ability to adjust estimates during term

Consumption with Inventory Control
     •  Amortize bulk items, such as ink cartridges, stationery, marketing material and other prepaid inventory based upon each month's consumption (or zero).
               Monthly expense = consumption count / original inventory count * Cost.
               Book value corresponds to remaining inventory count (also provided by the software).
               Remaining terms:
                    Shorten remaining term if inventory is exhausted beforehand.
                    Extend remaining term to account for a remaining inventory.
         Also applicable for retainers and other prepaids where monthly usage is unknown at setup time.  Enter as it becomes known.
         Consumption can be entered as count, hours (e.g. professional retainer), percentages, dollar amounts, other numerical units.

  Price page and free demo  ....

Click to open and view Price page
Download a free demo from the Price page which includes:
     •  A live version of the software
     •  Sample records
     •  Run reports
     •  Add some of your records and rerun reports.   If you order the software you can keep whatever records you entered or start out fresh.

Pressed for time?
     •  Send us your existing records in an Excel file.
     •  Preserve current book values.
     •  We'll import the file, convert your records and provide a turnkey system at no additional charge.
     Request more information   or  1-800-245-8444

About us:
  •  On the Internet since 1995
  •  Our market niche is Amortization Software
  •  First page rankings on Google and Bing


Administrative reports

     New records: List new records for the month, Y-T-D and other time periods

     Maturity/Review date:  A tickler file showing records that are nearing the end of their term

     Vendors:  If desired, add vendor name or code and get a list of total cost for each vendor

     Type:  If desired, assign a type code to group records for desired purpose other than expense account

     Link:  If desired, tie records together by a common purpose, such as all IT and other department costs

     Alpha:  Alphabetical listing of records in description order

     Filters:  Alpha and monetary values, dates and date ranges
               Select all records for a report or
               Use one or more filters to only included specific records, such as cost > $1,000.00

     Reconciliation: Beginning balances, new records, amortization, ending balances for month, year

     MySubtotals:  Filter and obtain records and subtotals sorted by selected values on the fly

     MyReports:  Create and retain reports, filters and sorted subtotals you need for repetitive runs

     Records only or Subtotals only:  Run reports with or without individual records for "Totals only" (shorter report)

     Amortization periods:  Expense plus ending book values for 1 month, range of months, entire year

     Columns:  Expense for multiple months, entire year, displayed in multiple monthly columns, past or future

     With reports:
                View on screen
                Send to printer
                Export to Excel
                    A great way to respond to a request from your boss
                    Or export all or filtered records and do whatever reporting you want in Excel
                Export to Adobe

  Price page and free demo  ....

Click to open and view Price page
Download a free demo from the Price page which includes:
     •  A live version of the software
     •  Sample records
     •  Run reports
     •  Run reports
     •  Add some of your records and rerun reports.   If you order the software you can keep whatever records you entered or start out fresh.

More features

Exception handling
     Defer amortizing a new record to a future "in service" begin date
     Catch-up and include prior month(s) expense this month if not entered on time
     Extend term, shorten, write-off at any time
     Eliminate problems with additional payments, partial refunds using an adjustment entry screen
     Recurring items, fixed or variable amounts

Method 6 - Recognize an amount each month as a user defined:
     % percentage, $ dollar figure, inventory consumption, retainer fees used ....
     Known and unknown amounts.  Change anticipated to actual when known.
     A great way to track and expense prepaid inventory cost AND count!

Custom Coding
     Unique requirement?
     Special type of records?  Amortization?  Allocation?  Reporting?
     We offer custom coding services.
     More info  

Client Accounting:
     Generate income.
     Enter client records to the software or import entire file from Excel.
     Run monthly amortization and balancing reports.
     Export to Excel and Adobe

General ledger files

Debit and credit postings to update ANY General Ledger System at no additional charge ....

A default general ledger layout comes with the software.
If yours is different, we will match your layout including requirements such as:
     File type
                 Core system, in-house, service bureau, commercial software
                 As a disk file or copy/paste
                 Tab-delimited (often for Excel)
                 Fixed length
                 Variable length
                 Csv, txt, xlsx, other delimiters, other requirements
     Header record, if required
                 Descriptive headings
                 Company/customer identifier
                 Single or multiple lines
     Posting transaction layout:
                 Db and Cr designators as D and C, signed amounts, 1 and 2, other values
                 Date formats
                 Account number splitting into separate columns
                 If this, then that testing
                 Table lookup
                 $ postings as:
                      General ledger account number summaries or
                      Each individual record's amount and description
     Trailer record(s), if required
                 End of file marker
                 File contents, count, amount
     Other requirements

Simply tell or show us what you need
We will provide an example prior to any commitment on your part
There is no charge involved because this has been a big selling feature of our software since 1995

Format and Document External Postings, too!
The software includes a stand-alone program to format postings from external sources.
     •  Copy and paste transactions from an Excel file, such as daily journal entries plus
     •  Copy and paste transactions which were output from another software application
Paste three columns to a designated screen:
     •  Account Number
     •  Amount (+/-)
     •  Description
The program will:
     •  Prepare a Journal Voucher with debit and credit columns as your source document and
     •  Format transactions for uploading to your general ledger system

CPA, client accounting firms ....
Utilize the software's Import and Export features
     Import an Excel file with client records to the software at any time
            Service one client or
            Multiple clients
     Generate all monthly accounting reports
     Export reports to Excel or Adobe
     Process accounting functions and/or send reports file to client
     Import client file, generate all reports, export in a matter of seconds

Price ....

Click to open and view  Price page
Evaluate the software with a free demo available on price page.
       The demo is the live software and any records added can be rolled into a permanent system.

Questions? 1-800-245-8444 or

Prepaid Expenses software for
 Windows® 10 on a computer, laptop and network sharing systems
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