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FASB, GAAP compliance for
hundreds, thousands of loans
at the same time.

Operates on a PC or shared network

Custom services available

     FASB 91 software.
     File calculation services.
     Custom coding.

FASB 91 indirect lending dealer fees amortization software
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Operates on a PC or network sharing device.
     Import and amortize fees for dozens, hundreds, thousands of loans at the same time.
     Effective interest rate calculations for up to 4 income and expense fees per loan with "net" total for each loan.
              General ledger account numbers, subsidiary ledger and postings for each account.
     Monthly income and expense deferral recognition.
     P&L, balance sheet totals.
     Lifetime month-by-month audit amortization schedules for each fee.

Complete set of monthly accounting reports:
     •  Subsidiary ledger account listing with recognition and deferral balances
     •  Debit and credit Journal Voucher
     •  Journal entries to update any general ledger system
     •  Detail month-by-month lifetime audit amortization schedules

Hard to

Changes during term ....

If the principal balance drops to zero, the software
     •  Recognizes remaining deferral balance(s) to income and/or expense.

If principal is reduced by an amount (curtailment) in excess of the payment, the software
     •  Recognizes a proportionate amount of deferral balance(s) to income and/or expense.
               e.g., should principal be reduced by 10%, the same percentage of deferral balance(s) will be recognized.
     •  Calculates a new remaining term based on reduced principal balance, rate and payment.
     •  Calculates a new effective interest rate for the remaining term.
     •  Amortizes deferral balance(s) using the newly calculated effective interest rate over the remaining term.
Also view Changes to Anticipated Balances Prospective, Retrospective recognition software.

If the interest rate changes, the software
     •  Calculates a new payment using current principal balance and new rate over the remaining term.
     •  Calculates a new effective interest rate for the remaining term using the new interest rate.
     •  Amortizes deferral balance(s) using the new rates over the remaining term.

FASB 91 indirect lending accounting software for hundreds, thousands of loans
     •  Effective Interest Rate Calculation for all loans at the same time
     •  Up to 4 unique income/expense items per loan
     •  Amortize Income and Expense for any month
     •  Amortize using:
               Original principal balances, rates, fee amounts and dates or
               Current principal balances, rates and fee balances
     •  Deferred fee income and expense general ledger Balances
     •  Accumulated and Book Values
     •  Monthly Recognition and Totals
     •  Yearly recap (calendar or fiscal) Recognition and Totals including prior year(s) restatements
     •  Changes during term:
               Effective interest rate recalculation due to rate changes
               Accelerated (additional) recognition of deferral for paydowns, curtailments, payoffs
               Full recognition of deferral balance for early payoff
     •  Audit and exams:
               Month-by-month lifetime loan fee detail recognition schedules
     •  Reports:
               View on screen
               Send to local or network printer
               Send to Adobe pdf
               Send to Excel 

Supports all of these fee recognition methods at the loan level:
  •  FASB 91 income, expense amortization over
          Actual loan terms
          Balloon terms - Interest only, P&I based on longer term, fixed principal reductions
          Average portfolio life
          Fee amortization periods reduced for other reasons
  •  Straight line for non-FASB applicable
  •  CPR - conditional prepayment rate, declining balance percentage
  •  Other user defined methods

Amortize deferred fee income and expense for
     •  Indirect lending charges
     •  Dealer fees
     •  Fee income
     •  Points
     •  Discounts
     •  Expense
     •  Closing costs
     •  Other deferred items
     •  Secured, unsecured loans
     •  P&I amortizing
     •  Purchased discounts/premiums at the individual loan level   at the package level
     •  Interest only:
            As interest only and
            Interest with periodic principal payments of a constant amount (e.g., $25,000 every three months)
     •  Balloons:
           Interest only with a balloon
           P&I over balloon period
           P&I over longer term such as 5 year balloon with 30 year P&I
           Average portfolio life
     •  Constant $Amount payment, such as lease payments
     •  % reduction of remaining principal balance, such as 8.3% of this month's balance, then 8.3% of next month's balance
           Typically for loan packages using a CPR (conditional prepayment rate)
     •  Fixed rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  Variable rate
     •  360, 365, 366, 365/360
     •  FASB, GAAP compliant
     •  Customization available

Import and amortize loan fees from
     •  Core system, service bureau
               Download your loan file with current balances to the software each month
     •  Aires - credit union report
     •  Manually serviced loans
     •  Excel
               A preformatted worksheet comes with the software.
               Enter or copy loan data to the worksheet once and the system takes care of everything else
               import the worksheet each month with current loan balances, rates, paid off loans, new loans ....
     •  Other files and sources

Accrual basis accounting
     •  Fee Recognition is NOT based on payment transactions
     •  Fee Recognition occurs every month regardless of whether a payment was made because
          interest income is accrued every month.

Income and expense recognition for any month.  Or an entire year in a matter of seconds.

Audit and Exam schedules on demand

General ledger income, expense and deferral balances

Debit and credit postings

Automatically import basic loan information - Original balances or current balances

Special features:
     •  Paydowns, curtailments
              Accelerated (additional, proportionate) fee recognition
     •  Payoff, sale
              Complete fee recognition

Accrual Accounting
Accrual based fee recognition ties to interest income.
Not transaction based.

Available with an option to distribute monthly income and expense for all or selected loans to multiple revenue, cost center general ledger accounts.

Original loan data or current balances
Calculate income and expense from
     •  Original payment dates forward
Or ....
     •  Preserve and amortize current balances
     •  Software will calculate remaining term and effective rate based on principal, note rate and payment
     •  No adjusting journal entries
     •  Start using FASB 91 today

About the software
  •  Written in Microsoft's .NET Framework
  •  Operates on any MS product line
  •  Install to PC or network sharing device

Prior periods, annual recaps, future projections

About our company
  •  In business since 1982
  •  Market niche is Amortization Software
  •  Added FASB 91 software in 1987
  •  On the Internet since 1995
  •  First page rankings on Google and Bing

FASB 91 amortization services
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Unique situation?  Unusual records?  New type of fees?
Different file layout?  File source?
Special internal or regulatory report?

Different configurations of the software or other products we offer may already meet your needs.
If not, we can write custom code and embed your private module within the existing nuts and bolts portion of the software.

File calculation services:
We can also calculate a file and provide recognition reports on a one time or recurring basis.

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