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Originated and Purchased Loan Files

FASB 91, GAAP deferred fee income and expense amortization software

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FASB 91, GAAP Effective interest method software for loan files

Automatically import loans from:
     Excel worksheet
     Service bureau extract
     Core system download
     Seller service remittance report ...

New and Existing loans
For existing loans:
     Retain existing deferral balances and start using effective interest method forward.
          Start now or as of a prior date.
          Calculate income and expense recognition for prior month(s), prior year(s).

Loan Fee Income and Expense can be:
A)  Known amounts which are included in the loan file.

B)  Known amounts which are not included in the loan file.
          The software can "match" Fees from an Excel file and assign them to each loan during the import process.

C)  Gross amounts which need to be assigned to each loan:
          Some fees might be billed to you as a single amount covering all services for the month (not broken down by individual loan).
          Simply assign a single amount to be distributed to some or all new loans.
          The software will calculate a Dollar Weighted Average for the sum of principal and
          distribute the percentage of applicable loan's principal divided by sum and assign the result.

D)  Combinations of the above.

FASB 91 Loan fee amortization software

Supports all of these fee recognition methods at the loan level:

  •  FASB 91 income, expense amortization over
          Actual loan terms
          Balloon terms - Interest only, P&I based on longer term, fixed principal reductions
          Average portfolio life
          Fee amortization periods reduced for other reasons
  •  Straight line for non-FASB applicable
  •  Other user defined methods 

Amortize deferred fee income and expense for
     •  Mortgage loans
     •  Consumer loans
     •  HELOCs - use straight line method for these, other  or all loans
     •  Commercial and other loans
     •  Secured, unsecured
     •  Purchased discounts/premiums at the individual loan level   at the package level
     •  Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments
     •  P&I amortizing
     •  Interest only:
               As interest only and
               Interest with periodic principal payments of a constant amount (e.g., $25,000 every three months)
     •  Balloons:
               Interest only with a balloon
               P&I over balloon period
               P&I over longer term such as 5 year balloon with 30 year P&I
               P&I over average portfolio life
     •  Constant $Amount payment, such as lease payments
     •  % reduction of remaining principal balance, such as 8.3% of this month's balance, then 8.3% of next month's balance
    •  Fixed rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  Variable rate
     •  360, 365, 366, 365/360
     •  FASB, GAAP compliant
     •  Customization available  

Amortize 1 or more deferrals
     •  Fee income
     •  Points
     •  Discounts
     •  Expense
     •  Closing costs
     •  Indirect lending charges
     •  Dealer fees
     •  Other deferred items

Import and amortize loan fees from
     •  Core system, service bureau
               Download your loan file with current balances to the software each month
     •  Seller servicer remittance reports
     •  Aires - credit union report
     •  Manually serviced loans
     •  Excel
               A preformatted worksheet comes with the software.
               Enter or copy loan data to the worksheet once and the system takes care of everything else
               import the worksheet each month with current loan balances, rates, paid off loans, new loans ....
     •  Other files and sources

Accrual basis accounting
     •  Fee Recognition is NOT based on payment transactions
     •  Fee Recognition occurs every month regardless of whether a payment was made because
          interest income is accrued every month.

Can't download the Excel Sample Reports file?
Request it be sent attached to an email:


Existing loans:

 Use a Conversion file to preserve fee income and expense balances as of the conversion month:

     •  Convert at any time:
     •  Convert as of last month, end of prior fiscal year, some other month.

  No Conversion fee balances?
     •   The software can amortize fees from the loan's original date forward.

 Been using straight line or another method on a Gross monthly fees basis?
     •  The software can distribute gross deferral balances to individual loans using Dollar Weighted principal balances.

FASB 91 loan fee recognition and reporting software for hundreds,
thousands of originated loans at the same time

     •  Originated, purchased and sold loans, new and existing         MBS, CMOs Packaged Loans
     •  Effective Interest Rate Calculation for all loans at the same time
     •  1 or more user defined income, expense items per loan
     •  Amortize Income and Expense for any month
     •  Amortize using:
               Original principal balances, rates, fee amounts and dates or
               Current principal balances, rates and fee balances
     •  Deferred fee income and expense general ledger Balances
     •  Accumulated and Book Values
     •  Monthly Recognition and Totals
     •  Yearly recap (calendar or fiscal) Recognition and Totals including prior year(s) restatements
     •  Changes during term:
               Effective interest rate recalculation due to rate changes
               Accelerated (additional) recognition of deferral for paydowns, curtailments, payoffs with recalculation of NPV (Net Present Value)
               Full recognition of deferral balance for early payoff
     •  Audit and exams:
               Month-by-month lifetime loan fee detail recognition schedules
    •  Reports:
               View on screen
               Send to local or network printer
               Send to Adobe pdf
               Send to Excel 

We offer ....

1)  Software
Fee amortization and accounting reports.
Scroll down for more information, price page and free demo.

2)  Outsourcing
Send a loan file.  Have us:
     Calculate effective interest rates, amortize fees and return a set of financial reports,
               One-time basis for current and prior periods or
               Recurring monthly basis
Request more information  Support@fdssi.com   or  1-800-245-8444

3)  Client Modules
Need something unique?
Special interface?
New loan product?
Recognition method?
Interactive App?
Something else?
No matter what kind of deferrals you need to amortize using the effective interest method:
     With multiple deferred amounts per record.
     We can create a dedicated module to meet your requirements.
Request more information  Support@fdssi.com   or  1-800-245-8444

Already amortizing deferred fees?
     The software can preserve current income and expense deferral balances.
     No adjusting journal entries.
 The software can also amortize deferred fees from original loan dates.

Customization available
Need something just for your operation?
Many of our clients had us modify the software to satisfy:
     •  Hybrid lending products
     •  Special interface requirements
     •  Read this, export that functions
               Use the software as a "background tool" to facilitate an internal processing function
     •  New loan programs
     •  Unique repayment methods
     •  Auditor requests
     •  Other proprietary, industry and competitive needs
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Our clients needed a FASB 91 solution for ....

Additional fees per loan:
     Client's servicing system could only amortize one deferred fee per loan.
     Our FASB 91 software can calculate individual effective interest rates and recognize up to four (4) unique fees per loan.
     The software also provides individual lifetime month-by-month amortization and recognition audit schedules for each fee.
     Client utilizes our software to amortize the additional fees and account for general ledger P&L and Balance Sheet reporting plus journal entry support documents and postings.

New type of loan offering:
     Client was introducing a new loan product with repayment activity for which their loan servicing system was unable to comply with FASB 91 recognition in a timely manner.
     We modified our software to accommodate their operational and reporting requirements well before the first loan was put on the books.

Manually serviced loans:
     Client had a small portfolio of high balance, high rate, short term loans which were not on an automated servicing system.
     Loans had various conditions including interest calculations of both 360/360 and 365/360.  Many loans were short term balloons with P&I calculations over a longer term.
     Our software provided an solution to their FASB 91 reporting requirements which also met the approval of their outside auditors.

Due diligence, M&A:
     Client was a CPA firm verifying whether a commercial bank under acquisition had properly recorded loan fee recognition.
               As it turned out, the bank had been immediately recognizing income and expense for most loans.  No deferrals.
     Our software was able to recalculate deferred loan fees under FASB 91 and provide fee recognition, P&L and Balance Sheet totals for a specified look-back period.
     Inasmuch as a short time frame was involved for completing this project, they sent loan files to us for processing and we returned desired reports in Excel including
     lifetime fee amortization and recognition schedules for selected loans.

Conversion to FASB 91:
     Client had been calculating loan fee income and expense recognition using the straight line method.
     Our software allowed the client to switch to FASB 91 recognition "as of" the end of their most recent fiscal year using remaining loan and deferral balances as of that point.
     The software also provided client the first year difference between FASB 91 vs. Straight Line by amortizing loans both ways for a 12 month period.

Cash payments vs. Accrued
     Client's loan servicing system recognized deferred fees with each cash payment.  Fee recognition did not sync with their monthly loan interest income which was cash plus accrued.
     Our FASB 91 software is an accrual based system which recognizes fee income and expense each month regardless of payment activity.

Capital management:
     Client loans had semi-annual and annual P&I payments.  Also had custom notes with fixed principal payments due at various times during the year.
     Our software was able to meet their FASB 91 amortization and reporting requirements.

Independent comparison:
     Client was uncertain their service bureau was properly handling FASB 91 correctly for all of their loan types, some of which actually required a straight line method.
     They used our software to obtain parallel results, including straight line for applicable loans.

Special promotion:
     Client wanted to "test the waters" with an unusual product.
     Rather than incurring all the expense involved in changing FASB 91 recognition using their in-house system, they turned to us for an affordable, immediate resolution.

NDA confidentiality
In situations involving the exchange of confidential information, we will comply with
industry standard Non-Disclosure agreements and also provide a typical NDA which can be viewed here.

  Price and free demo

Click to open and view Price page which has a link to download a free demo zip file at any time.
The free demo includes:
     •  A live version of the software
     •  Sample records
     •  Ability to run all reports

Or contact us with any questions.

FASB 91 Loan Fee Amortization
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