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Amortization Software

Effective interest method, levely yield

bond premium and discount amortization calculator

 Software to amortize an entire bond file

Bond Amortization Calculator
     Amortization schedules for one bond at a time
     Effective interest method rate, level yield schedules


We also offer software to amortize all bonds at the same time ....

Premium amortization, discount accretion schedules for

•  Municipal bonds, corporate, government, notes, bills, agencies, debentures 
         Virtually any financial instrument having a premium or discount
         Coupon rate
         Zero rate

•  Effective interest rates, level yield, constant yield
          Premium amortization schedules using the effective interest method 
          Discount accretion schedules using the effective interest method

•  Regular bonds

•  Callable bonds with call dates
          With or without a call price

•  Convertible bonds
          Calculates a constant rate for comparison to effective rate

•  Coupon rate interest
          Monthly, quarterly and annual totals
          Calendar and fiscal years
          360, 365, 366 day basis

•  Sale, early redemption date finalization


Price page and free demo  ....

Click to open and view Price and free demo download page for the Bond Calculator.

More about the calculator ....
Ideal for one or a handful of
     •  Regular bonds purchased or issued at a premium or discount
          Municipal, corporate, government, notes, bills ....  (for bond issuers, software includes a separate screen to amortize issuance cost)
     •  Coupon rate or zero interest rate
     •  360/365/366 days calculation basis
     •  Bonds comprised of smaller records
          Packages (MBS, LSBO, secondary market, participations) syndicated pools, loan groups
     •  Other financial instruments with premium, discount, income, expense to be amortized from a beginning date to a maturity date
     •  For purchasers, issuers, sellers, buyers, accountants, auditors
        (Not what you're looking for?  Visit our FASB 91 products Home page

Easy to operate ....
Input your bond data to
     -  Calculate the FASB 91 effective interest rate
     -  Generate month by month
          •  Premium amortization schedule with accumulated premium recognition, remaining balance and book value
          •  Discount accretion schedule with accumulated discount recognition, remaining balance and book value
     -  Generate monthly interest
          Coupon rate
          Effective interest rate
     -  NET column
          Determine actual earnings of a purchased bond or cost of an issued bond
          NET = (Coupon interest - Discount accretion) or (Coupon interest + Premium amortization)
     -  Early Call/Sale Date - Recognize remaining Premium or Discount in full if bond is called, sold or otherwise disposed
     -  Posting recognition, accrual amount for
          Calendar and fiscal year
     -  View schedule.  Print.  Copy lifetime schedule to an Excel worksheet or other spreadsheet program.

About the effective interest method bond calculator ....

             •  Easy to use
             •  More flexible than spreadsheet models
             •  Effective interest rate calculations
             •  Level yield, constant rate
             •  More precise - partial days in first and last months
             •  360, 365 and 366 days in year denominator
             •  Lifetime schedules for regular bonds
             •  Callable bonds
             •  Callable bonds with a call price
             •  Convertible bonds
             •  Premium amortization
             •  Discount accretion
             •  OID and secondary market purchases
             •  Bond price as $ amount or %
             •  Early sale, early redemption date
             •  Override - compare to someone else's effective rate
             •  Annual totals, calendar or fiscal year
             •  Net earnings column B, what you earn each month
             •  View, modify, rerun schedules in a few seconds
             •  Print schedules
             •  Copy schedules to a spreadsheet
             •  Free demo - download and evaluate right now

Calculator output
•  Effective interest rate

•  The Premium or Discount amount to be amortized
          Derived by comparing input Price (dollar amount or %) to Par
          Other charges, fees and adjustments can also be added or subtracted from par to derive Price and amount to amortize.

•  FASB 91 level yield amortization, accretion schedule consisting of
     - Monthly accrued interest at coupon rate
     - Monthly Premium or Discount recognition
     - Monthly interest at effective interest rate
     - Accumulated Premium or Discount recognition
     - Premium or Discount remaining deferral balance
     - Accretion balance (Book Value) as FASB Carrying Amount: Par + Premium balance or Par - Discount balance
     - Running totals furnished by:
          Year (fiscal, calendar)
          Or suppress quarterly, annual

• The software also calculates
     - Interest on Par at the nominal (coupon) rate from one date to another
     - Accrued interest from any date to any date

• With output results
     - View
     - Print
     - Copy and paste to Excel or other spreadsheet program

Bond Calculator - one bond at a time
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Software to calculate all bonds in Excel
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