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  LOAN FILES - FASB 91 deferred fees income and expense amortization
  MBS, GNMA, LSBO, LOAN PACKAGES - FASB 91 premiums, discounts amortization
  BOND ISSUERS - premiums, discounts, issuance costs amortization
  BOND PURCHASERS - effective interest method for premiums and discounts
  BOND PURCHASERS - straight line method for premiums and discounts
  PREPAID EXPENSES - monthly amortization and reporting
  DEFERRED INCOME - monthly amortization and reporting
  FIXED ASSETS, FF&E - monthly depreciation and reporting
  NON-MONTHLY - daily, days, weeks, other period amortization and reporting
  CLIENT FILES - amortization and reporting for client data

FASB, GAAP compliant

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Date To Date amortization software to
amortize, depreciate records over
     •  Daily periods
     •  Days
     •  Week, weeks, calendar and non-calendar
     •  4-4-5, 13 month
     •  Monthly - actual days
     •  Quarterly
     •  Annual
     •  Any and all date-to-date periods

Maintain records in Excel.
  •  One worksheet
  •  Multiple worksheets
  •  Multiple files

Amortize from date to date periods

  •  Prepaids
  •  Deferred income
  •  Fixed assets
  •  Other amortizing records
  •  Recurring transactions

Copy all records.
  •  Your records
  •  Subsidiary records
  •  Client records

Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of records.

The software comes with 8
different Excel templates.

Allocate income, expense amortization
to multiple cost, revenue centers.

Paste to the software
  •  Click 2 dropdown calendar dates
  •  Set amortization period to:
          Any date to any date
          1 day.  Days.  Weekends.
          Week.  Weeks.
          Month - actual days
          Quarter.  Longer period.  Year.
          4-4-5, 13 weeks, 13 months
You define each/any amortization period

You can also
  •  Browse for, open a file
  •  Import one, some, all worksheets

Full set of reports
  •  Subsidiary ledger
  •  Journal voucher
  •  General ledger posting file
With reports:
  •  View reports
  •  Send to printer
  •  Archive in Adobe
  •  Export to Excel

Audit inquiry?
Internal request?
Servicing a client?
     email reports in Excel.



  Software to import and account for ....
  •  Prepaid, capitalized expenses
  •  Deferred charges, costs
  •  Insurance premiums
  •  Maintenance agreements

Deferred income
  •  Unearned fees
  •  Deferred revenue
  •  Contracts
  •  Partial, interim receipts
Accrued Expenses
  • Taxes - Federal, state, county
  • Audit and regulatory fees
  • Assessments and reserves
  • Amortize any expense for future funding

Fixed Assets
  •  Tangible assets
  •  FF&E
  •  Equipment
  •  Vehicles, accessories
Other records ....
Virtually all accounting records
requiring amortization over any term

Amortization and totals for
  •  Daily
  •  Multiple days over any date range
  •  Weekly, weeks, any day to any day
  •  Quarterly, semi-annual, annual
  •  4-4-5, 13 month
  •  Any date to date period


METHOD = How a record is to be amortized over a Term in months or days

PERIOD = When you want to recognize amortization and book income or expense, such as monthly, weekly, daily ....

Calculate hundreds, thousands of records
for any period on demand ....

        •  Copy and paste all records from Excel and other spreadsheet programs to the software (a worksheet or spreadsheet is the database)
                    Import, amortize or depreciate and account for your records
                    Import, amortize or depreciation and account for client records
                              Client records can be maintained in Excel by you
                              Client records can be maintained in Excel by the client and sent to you for processing

        •  Requires basic information only
                    Begin date

        •  Easily handle adjustments due to partial refunds, additional payments

        •  Amortize income or expense for any period

        •  Multiple amortization methods

        •  Subsidiary ledger account balancing report
                    Send to printer
                    Copy, paste to Excel and other spreadsheets

        •  Journal voucher source document with debit, credit columns
                    Send to printer
                    Copy, paste to Excel and other spreadsheets

        •  General ledger posting file
                    Send to printer
                    Copy, paste to Excel and other spreadsheets

        •  Detail amortization schedules for any record for audit purposes

        •  Cross over month end and year end without doing anything

        •  Complete accounting and reporting in a matter of seconds

All general ledger accounting reports
     •  Subsidiary ledger trial balance
               P&L income and expense account totals
               Balance sheet account totals
     •  Journal voucher posting source document
     •  General ledger journal upload import posting file

Calculations for any accounting period
               Daily, days
               Weekly, weeks, any day to any day
               Quarterly, semi-annual, annual
               Monthly, actual days
               4-4-5, 13 month, other
      •  Reporting
      •  General ledger posting files
      •  Hundreds of records.  Thousands of records
      •  Really big Excel files with hundreds of thousands of records
      •  Automatically import a single worksheet
      •  Automatically import one, some or all worksheets at the same time

You control subtotals and general ledger postings:
SD rows instruct the software to generate a Subtotal Debit for the applicable account number
SC rows generate a Subtotal Credit

Cross over fiscal and calendar year ends
   •  No monthly close-out
   •  No annual close-out or end of year requirements
   •  The software crosses from one year to the next without the need to do anything

With reports
     •  View
     •  Print
     •  Copy report and paste to Excel

Eliminate these accounting headaches
   •  Early setup of a record:  Ability to defer amortization to a future start month.
   •  Late setup:  Ability to catch up and combine prior month(s) amortization in the setup month.

Your existing records
The system can
          Calculate current balances or
          Preserve your current balances

Automatically import and amortize
     •  Thousands of records
     •  Hundreds of thousands
     •  55 seconds to
               Import six worksheets at the same time from an Excel file
               Amortize all records
               Generate totals for 401,698 records


Price page and free demo  ....

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  Price page
Stand alone and network sharing prices.
Evaluate the software with a free demo available on price page.

More Highlights ....

•  Accounting, reporting, balancing, schedules ....
     -  The software manages dozens, hundreds, thousands of records
     -  Cross over EOY, BOY periods without doing anything
     -  Show your auditor exactly how you arrived at your numbers
               Detailed reports show every transaction for a month, quarter and calendar or fiscal year
     -  Trial Balance subsidiary ledger listing with subtotals for each general ledger account number
               Subtotals consist of:
                        •  Monthly recognition/amortization
                        •  Accumulated recognition
                        •  Book value balances 
•  General ledger
     -  The software creates a Journal Voucher debit and credit column source document for the above and
     -  Creates a general ledger transaction posting file
     -  Posting file descriptions can be at the
               -  General ledger account subtotal level or
               -  Individual record level
     -  Supports any chart of accounts

•  Adjustments during term - after amortization has begun
     -  Increase amount
     -  Decrease amount

•  Budget projections, forecasting
     -  Calculate expense and income amortization, with ending balances, for a future month, quarter, year.

•  Allocation software option
     -  Direct post monthly amortized income or expense for a record to a single account
     -  and distribute selected records amortized income or expense to multiple branch, department, cost center, revenue center accounts
     -  Allocate one/some/all records using user defined methods
     -  Allocate using multiple methods (percentage, branches, departments, people count, workstation count ....)
     -  Allocated records flow into the journal voucher and posting file for automatically updating the general ledger

•  Administrative reporting
     -  4 user defined sorting and subtotal categories.

•  Export data and calculations
     -  Copy screens and reports, paste to Excel worksheet

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Questions? 1-800-245-8444 or
email Support@fdssi.com


Prepaid Expenses, Date to Date Spreadsheet Amortization Software for
 Windows® PC, laptop, workstation and network sharing
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